Pont-Aven was a modest little town at the beginning of the 19th century, with only 198 inhabitants over the age of 11. This city was described by its visitors as an encased harbour town with many granite blocks that dotted its landscape and had 8 mills.

It is with the arrival of the train in the second half of the 19th century that the town of Pont-Aven will be discovered by many French and foreign painters who will come to immortalize its landscapes, its colors, etc.. Paul Gauguin will come to settle there around 1870.

Faced with this influx of artists, the city is adapting and many shops will be created: painting materials, artists’ workshops, etc.. The inhabitants themselves will be at the disposal of the artists as models for a little money.

Today this small town nestled between the hills and crossed by the Aven has retained all its poetry. Strolling through this town, you can contemplate the work of the artists and that of the nature which is still preserved there. You can, for example, walk through the Bois d’Amour and enjoy the presence of beautiful oaks and beeches.

The museum of Pont-Aven and the numerous artists’ studios will allow you to escape and discover the artists’ know-how.

Without a doubt, the visit of Pont-Aven is a parenthesis in a very atypical universe.