Located 30 minutes from Sainte-Marine, Concarneau is the 3rd largest city in the department after Brest and Quimper. Built around its walled town, Concarneau is a city with a strong maritime identity.

The History of Concarneau:

The first traces of man in Concarneau go back to prehistory. For example, a V-shaped burial site has been discovered near Concarneau dating from the 4th millennium BC. This monument is still visible even if it has been invaded by vegetation.

During the Middle Ages, the population grew strongly and began to expand. Between the 12th and 15th centuries, the town’s notables took shelter in a city protected by a keep and a fortified tower.

It was indeed at the end of the 15th century that the Walled City was built on a rocky islet and which was then considered as the 4th stronghold of Brittany. The Walled City will then become the historical heart of the city.

The Walled City will continue to protect the town and its fishing harbours for several centuries, especially at the time of the League War.

Today, the walled town and its many shops are a must for a stay in South Finistère. You will immerse yourself in the history of the town and enjoy a general view of the city. Many painters will come here over the centuries to try to describe its charms.

Other treasures of Concarneau’s historical heritage are also worth visiting:

  • The castle of Kériolet
  • The Stang-al-Lin Mansion
  • The Moros Manor
  • Etc

Concarneau and the sea :

Throughout its history, the town of Concarneau has maintained a strong link with the sea. In 1792, the fishing fleet of Concarneau counted 300 rowboats whereas at that time the port of Sainte Marine only had one.

In 1962, the fishing port of Concarneau was the 3rd largest fishing port in France. Since then, numerous fishing reforms have brought the fishing port down to the 9th position nationally in terms of volume of fish sold.

Concarneau is also home to some very important shipyards. The Piriou shipyards build commercial, passenger and fishing vessels, as well as military vessels. Other shipyards work on top-of-the-range racing boats and pleasure boats.

This link with the sea has allowed Concarneau to develop also in terms of tourism. You can find there for example :

  • Thalassotherapy
  • The Fishing Museum
  • The Marine Biology Station
  • Etc.

If you don’t know this city, it deserves you to spend at least a day here. On this occasion, do not hesitate to enjoy the flavours of the sea at one of the many tables in the city.