The Pointe du Raz

The Pointe du Raz is a natural and wild territory at the bow of Europe, certainly the best known of Finistère. An area that will delight those in search of invigorating air and hiking.

A grandiose landscape:

The natural park of the Pointe du Raz covers 2,000 hectares, it perfectly symbolizes the meeting point between the land and the ocean since it is the most advanced point in France.

A long signposted footpath meanders along this coastline cut by cliffs rising more than 70 metres above sea level and covered with moorland. These cliffs are a landmark for many sea birds that come here to nest. The Pointe du Raz and the Goulien reserve offer a real wealth in terms of ornithology.

From the top of its cliffs, you will be able to admire the Ile de Sein located 8km to the west and separated from the Pointe du Raz by the no less famous Raz de Sein.

An old-fashioned appeal:

The wild beauty of the Pointe du Raz has been popularized since the 19th century through the writings of many writers such as Victor Hugo or Gustave Flaubert.

Over the years and at the rhythm of the tourist development of hotels and shops will come to distort the wild beauty of this landscape.

It was only at the end of the 20th century that the local authorities regained control of this territory to allow nature to take its place again. Thus, shops and hotels will be moved or demolished.

Since then, the site has entered a logic of labeling to enhance its approach to nature conservation.

The Raz de Sein :

The Raz de Sein is a passage between the Pointe du Raz and the Ile de Sein, it is the shortest maritime route between the Atlantic and the English Channel. This passage is famous because its currents are powerful and create a lot of turbulence.

Moreover, it is a very famous place for sea bass fishing by professional liners who play every day with the strong currents and the often turbulent sea of the Raz de Sein.

To facilitate and monitor navigation in this passage, Pointe du Raz hosts a semaphore and two automated lighthouses are established on rocky islets.